She is Power: The Mini Series

5 women. 5 different narratives. 1 overarching story . . . She IS Power! 
Within the month, I'm launching a new video series to shed light on some absolutely inspiring stories of struggle & triumph, how they're living everyday, #MAKINGITMATTER

These are: young authors, founders of life-changing non-profits, advocates and change-makers, policy-makers & influencers . . . who all have ONE thing in common: they’ve walked through the fire, and they’ve come out refined and brighter than before. I hope this series shows that your WEAKEST moments can turn into your STRONGEST, your PAIN into POWER, and your story can CHANGE the world! 

These girls have touched my heart and they’ll touch yours, too. Stay tuned, #SheIsPower episodes air the following MONDAYS at: Feb 27 - March 13 - April 10 - May 8 - June 5. 
#sheispower #makingitmattermonday (Thank you @missamericava
for this hashtag idea!!)