MoneyBunny was created in response to the "Gurus." You know, the guys out there selling $29283719 courses on "how to get rich quick on Shopify." After being loyal fans for years, the team at MoneyBunny soon realized they were being duped.

If all this was really legit, then wouldn't these "Gurus" be full-time on Shopify? Instead, it looked like they were "full-time" on creating courses and marketing those courses very, very well. It appears their business, is promising you that they're good at running businesses. Not actually running those businesses. In fact, some of these Gurus making a killing off Shopify courses even admit that they don't really do any of this stuff in real life. 

Just as we expected, the tactics from these Gurus  have started to break down. The "free-plus-shipping" model has finally screwed over so many people, that it won't work anymore. All their short-term tricks and tips just aren't holding up; because they aren't sustainable business models. Of course, these gurus know that. But they're trying to make a profit off your eagerness. So they'll sell you something trendy, a $2000 course, move on, and not care whether their teachings last through the next online biz fad.

At MoneyBunny, we will never offer you a $1000+ course that tries to teach you all the "ins and outs" of the Shopify business. There are plenty of YouTube videos for that. Instead, what we offer is quality content, insider tips, and expert advice from real Shopify owners - all for free.  The only thing we will ever charge you money for, is if you want to team up with one of our experts for personal, one-on-one mentoring. These experts aren't "Gurus." They're full-time on Shopify, doing mentoring on a part-time basis to help others find financial freedom like they have. 

At MoneyBunny, we don't believe in Gurus. We believe in relationships, accountability, and access. If you choose to invest in mentorship, we want you to have personal relationships with that mentor; not just a low-quality course promising outlandish results, from Gurus hiding behind computer screens. 

Real businesses. Sustainability. Growth. Authenticity.

We can't wait to welcome you to the clan. 

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