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a note from the CEO. 


Hey guys! My name is Lauren, and I'm the Founder & CEO here at MoneyBunny. At 22, I had a quarter-life crisis. I graduated, landed my first "real" job, and quickly realized I was a spoiled brat. Straight from the comforts and flexibility of college life, I hated ... and I mean HATED the office. I had to be somewhere every day? At the same time? From 9-5? Shoot me! 😱

I became obsessed with finding a way to regain my freedom. And soon enough, by building my own e-Commerce lifestyle brands, I DID IT. I made a ton of mistakes along the way, so much that I probably know more about what NOT to do, than what actually to do. I didn't have a mentor, and now I wish I did. I would've saved so much money! Despite my many mistakes, I met my goal: now, I'm a full-time Shopify entrepreneur and CEO, and am moving to Bali with the love of my life. It took a lot of trial and error, but now I'm in a position to help others gain financial freedom. 

Sadly, nowadays I see a ton of "gurus" out there trying to convince you that they know something about e-commerce, and charging aspiring entrepreneurs thousands (seriously! thousands) of dollars to download their e-courses or e-books. To me, it just doesn't seem fair. I'm here to create a ton of valuable content for you, for free. I will never offer you a $1000+ course that tries to teach you all the "ins and outs" of the Shopify business. Instead, what we offer is quality content, insider tips, and expert advice from real Shopify owners - all for free on our blogs, social media, and YouTube channel.  In fact, the only thing we ever charge you for, is personal, one-on-one mentoring; something I desperately wished I had when I was starting out!  💰

Real businesses. Sustainability. Growth. Authenticity. Welcome to an e-Comm hub run by a "NON-GURU" 😘 that combines personal development, relationships, and financial success. My clients are passionate artists, driven small business owners, and creative geniuses.  I'm not here to take credit for your success. I'm just here to help you on your path! 


The MoneyBunny 

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